Our Mission Statement

We engage, inspire, and empower our communities through photography education and exhibitions.

Our Vision Statement

To develop a vibrant, engaged photographic community in the Charlotte area by offering everyone the opportunity to create, understand, and appreciate photography.

. . .

How do we set forth in accomplishing our mission and vision? For over four decades, our commitment has revealed itself in many ways: we’ve taught countless newbies how to compose a photo; we, along with our members, have gazed breathlessly at high art that has hung on our gallery walls; and we’ve steered ambitious projects within schools to spread our love of these indispensable visual arts to local students. Our love of photography and film is close to our hearts, and we’ll never stop striving to spread our love as far and as wide as possible.

While we’re proud of our past, we’re not a nonprofit that rests on its laurels. We believe that the issues affecting our local community should fuel the projects we pursue, and that the impact of those projects should extend far beyond our walls. Is this a lofty goal? Yes, it is. But that’s why community engagement has become a key focus of 国产亚洲精品,日韩欧美亚洲视频免费.

. . .

“At 国产亚洲精品,日韩欧美亚洲视频免费, we believe we’re more than just a gallery. While we’re always trying to attract people from all walks of life into our space, we ultimately want to have an impact beyond our walls, and out in the community.”

– Kay Tuttle, Executive Director of 国产亚洲精品,日韩欧美亚洲视频免费

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