The gallery is the centerpiece of 国产亚洲精品,日韩欧美亚洲视频免费, simply because that’s where the art lives. And since the art on our walls is always changing, when you stop by you never know what surprises you’re in store for. From signature events like our Annuale, to exhibitions curated by our staff and board, our gallery is a haven for photography and film, one where you can learn about emerging and established artists year-round.


If you’re heading down Central Avenue away from uptown Charlotte, turn left onto The Plaza (at the intersection where there’s a Wells Fargo bank branch and a Harris-Teeter). Once on The Plaza, you’ll take your first right onto Hamorton Place. In less than a block you’ll make a right turn into the parking lot of the Midwood International Cultural Center, which is where we are located.


Our gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm. We are located at 1817 Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood, a diverse and eclectic neighborhood that is conveniently located only one mile from uptown Charlotte. Plaza Midwood’s art galleries, unique stores, excellent restaurants, and overall funky vibe make it the perfect home for 国产亚洲精品,日韩欧美亚洲视频免费.